CLient Services



TI Asset Management, Inc. is a full-service asset and property management company whose leadership has flourished through three real estate cycles. Our asset management and property management services are modeled around the ownership structure to enhance value. We also offer auxiliary services to assist owners and litigators with their real estate opportunities. 

* Building 1760. Fire Damaged. Before the beginning of Roof Replacement. 


Professional Asset Management

  • Restructuring and turn-around of distressed commercial properties and apartment communities
  • Consulting for corporations on internal asset management policies & procedures
  • Consulting for Not-for-Profits on facilities needs
  • Consulting for foreign investors in U.S. real estate
  • Strategic short & long-term planning of hold-sell properties
  • Refinancing and access to capital markets
  • Acquisition Due Diligence of commercial properties
  • Litigation support
  • Receivership services & support
  • Assistance with internal partnership workouts & solutions
  • Administrative reporting services
  • Compliance audits of real estate ownership structures & contracts
  • Marketing/General opinion of value

*Building 1760. Fire Damaged. Beginning of Roof Replacement.  


Property Management

 Our property management services have grown through the requests of our client base and now include:

  • Property management of apartment communities and commercial properties (including marketing, administration, cost management, tenant retention)
  • Construction management & administration

* April 2007. New Siding Complete.